Accuracy in Design

Accuracy in design and execution of accurate numerical calculations is a fundamental principle in the development of Farshbaf industrial products.

Quality in Products

We believe that the final product of Farshbaf Industrial Complex should be provided to the customer with the best quality, efficiency and productivity.

About Us

Services, After Sale

After-sales service and supply of spare parts as one of the most important needs of the customers is one of the priorities of Farshbaf industrial complex.

about Farshabf Industrial Complex
About us

Why Farshbaf Complex ?

Farshbaf manufacturing complex is an engineering and knowledge based company in the field of elevator motor production in Iran, is a familiar name for the industry's individuals that reminds the quality, continuous CRM and fully differentiated services. All manufacturing process in this complex are on the basis of modern and European technologies and as well as advanced control programs, the company has always provided all relevant services with prospective managerial standards, which has brought the satisfaction and increasing participation of the stakeholders and has resulted as a fact that all the participants believe that they are important members of a this growing complex .

  • Modern Technology
  • Specialist Engineers
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Active Agencies
  • Quality & Productivity
  • Respect to Customer


Farshabf Motors List

You can visit the official factory store to order or buy the products of Farshabaf Industrial Complex .



One of the Most functional Farshbaf motors with modern European design

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One of the Most functional Farshbaf motors with modern European design

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Inspired by the powerful manufacturer Alberto Sassi, High static load capacity

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Inspired by the powerful manufacturer Alberto Sassi, High static load capacity

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After Sale Services

Our sales and after sales services cover all your needs !
Complex sales and marketing department with extensive needs assessment and market research always strives to provide the most appropriate service to customers

Advice, before buying

Sales experts at Farshbaf Industrial Complex will be with you at any moment with complete explanations and constant advice

Product Installation

The Farshbaf Installer Collection is a collection of installation specialists who are responsible for product launches

Repair and Warranty

Our products always have warranty and repair services that will make it easier for you to use them

Why Choose Us

We offer different services


Quality is the first word and this fact will surely be more noticeable in your purchases than the carpet collection.


Our products are produced with the best raw materials, parts and equipment, and the result is always unparalleled efficiency.

Product life

Superior quality, ideal efficiency and complete service of our collection will always remind you of having a product with unique life


We produce a product that is always one of the best-selling domestic products and we also see them succeed in international markets.

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Farshbaf Industrial Complex

The Message of Manager

The message of Farshbaf industrial complex managers

Certainly, the managers of Safe Motors Farshaf Company with a professional attitude towards the future, aim to develop the quantitative and qualitative activities of the company. During the period of its activity, the company has been able to trust the various clients and employers with regard to the products offered and to perform the executive tasks during the Draw time on contract and high quality. In the long run, we aim to be the largest specialized manufacturer of gearboxes and gearboxes with diverse and high quality products. In the prospect of future activities of the company, the presence of overseas markets and the establishment of overseas branches has a special place that it is hoped to succeed soon. We hope that with the serious will of the carpet weavers will be given a place worthy of Iran's capacity and reputation.

Majid Farshbaf

Farshbaf Industrial Complex Cooperation

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  • Obtain official sales representative

    By registering on the website and going through the process of obtaining a dealer, except for the official sales representatives of this collection, you can enjoy unique privileges, keeping in mind that registration is limited in number.

  • Obtain after sales service representative

    You can register your details in the after sales service department, but then our experts will contact you and inform you of the process of obtaining a service representative.

  • Project Cooperation

    We have made it possible for construction project executives to benefit from the special privileges of our agents through the award of project contracts. Just contact us

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